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2C Welcomes You

Designing conveyor and automation systems? Check. Managing material handling projects? Check. Integrating systems into live operational facilities? Check. Blogging? Hmm, that’s new! At 2C, we love a good challenge (it’s one of our core principles). So if blogging gives us the best opportunity to engage with our clients and partners, we will take that challenge head on! Through our future posts, you’ll get to know our team and our company. You’ll learn how we operate and what our passions are. You’ll learn that we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty or do what’s right by the customer. We’ll provide tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years. But mostly, we hope we can provide you a few laughs along the way (uhh, unlikely).

2C is in business for you, the customer. Since we’ve worked on both the customer and integrator sides of the industry, we recognized that customers weren’t getting the respect and accommodations they deserve. Most vendors don’t like to take on the risky and expensive change order. We know change will happen during the course of your project, and we embrace it. Unlike the large corporations in the industry, we are nimble and can adapt quickly to change. We’ll work fairly with you to come up with the best cost solution that meets your needs, and we won’t gripe about it along the way. And since we take ownership and responsibility for our work, we’ll be transparent with you when mistakes are made and opportunities are missed. We know that a trusting working relationship can overcome a few bumps in the road. We hope to be in it for the long haul with you, and we think once you sign on a project and see how easy we are to work with, that you’ll want a lasting relationship as well. So, if you’re not getting the respect and customer service you deserve from the “top dogs” in the industry, why not take a chance on us? We think you’ll be glad you did.

One final thought for the day: Who Dey! Go Bengals!

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